About Almost Ancestors

AMOST ANCESTORS - An Award Winning Film

Presented in the Hopi language with English subtitles, Almost Ancestors was filmed in Arizona, where a Hopi cultural advisor on set ensured the cultural accuracy of the story. The powerful film will educate viewers on the displacement of lobos and indigenous cultures and inspire them to help alter the ramifications of history.

Almost Ancestors shares many powerful stories and messages, including:

The Film

Experience the poignant parallel paths of displacement experienced by Mexican gray wolves and indigenous peoples in Almost Ancestors, the powerful new short film from Lobos of the Southwest. Award-winning filmmaker Brišind brings a sensitive touch to this thought-provoking story, shedding light on serious subjects that demand attention.

The Story

Embark on a journey with a young Hopi woman as she fights to protect her connection to the land and her family amidst a rapidly changing landscape. Witness her bond with a lobo and her quest for community on an incredible journey to a sacred place called home.

Almost Ancestors is a powerful film, presented in English and the Hopi language with subtitles, filmed in Arizona with a Hopi cultural advisor on set to ensure cultural accuracy. This compelling story sheds light on the displacement of lobos and indigenous cultures and will inspire you to take action and change the course of history.

To date, the film is an official selection of:


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