Almost Ancestors Selected by The Impact DOCS Awards

Almost Ancestors is in the final stages of judging with The Impact DOCS Awards and is being considered for award recognition by a panel of award-winning industry experts and filmmakers.

The Impact Awards, hosted by the Global Film Awards Competitions, have recognized filmmakers for over 17 years. The competition has garnered a robust reputation within the industry, being acknowledged as one of the "Top 25 Competitions Worth the Money" by MovieMaker Magazine.

A profound belief in the transformative potential of documentary films to effect substantial change in the world underscores the ethos of the Impact Awards. The dedicated staff and discerning judges at GFA are unwaveringly committed to championing filmmakers who harness the power of documentaries for societal impact. This commitment prompted the establishment of a specialized competition exclusively for documentaries, acknowledging the immense effort filmmakers invest in their creations. Moreover, the Impact Awards aspire to contribute to supporting the vital causes illuminated by these dedicated filmmakers.

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