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Almost Ancestors recently premiered in Cairns, Queensland, regarded as an arts and culture capital of northern Australia. The premiere was hosted by the Girringun Aboriginal Corporation. Over twenty Aboriginal First Nations were represented at the premiere, along with many Traditional Owners and Traditional Custodians of the land (accompanying photo).

Almost Ancestors is a beautiful and powerful film. As Aboriginal First Nations people, we completely relate to the story. We have endured the same persecution and dispossession, as has our wolf – the dingo," said Sonya Takau, Communications Officer of the Girringun Aboriginal Corporation.

The hosts credited the premiere of Almost Ancestors with inspiring the first unity declaration of its kind among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, the historic National First Nations Dingo Declaration - the significance of which came further into focus with Australia rejecting a First Nations Voice in Australia's constitution, when that proposal was defeated in a national referendum on October 14.

"The message of Almost Ancestors, director Brišind, and actor Sheila Hollow Horn was inspirational," added Takau, a Jirrbal Traditional Owner.

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